Lyra also know as Aerial Hoop is a breathtaking apparatus which is a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling. It is often mesmerizing to watch due to its ability to spin around, this is only achievable if it is attached to a swivel which enables the hoop to spin freely.


Lyra is usually one of the more popular choices of apparatus for students, as a beginner it often feels you advance more quickly than with aerial silks. One of the most frustrating aspects can be getting onto it, this sometimes feels hard as it requires strength & technique but with your determination and our coaching it will happen, remember everything seems impossible until it is done. 

We as a studio focus on strong technique and a solid foundation which is why we have classes split into levels, each level has a series of moves to be mastered and sequences to be learnt before moving up. We believe having clear goals is so important to keep motivated so we have devised these levels just for you!


Aerial proves to be an amazing and incredibly fun type of fitness like no other! The reward of achieving something you initially thought you would never be able to do, is a superior feeling of pride and self worth.

Interested in starting Lyra classes?


Wednesday 25th May | 17:30 - 18:30 | Single session | £15



Wednesday 8th June - 6th July | 17:30 - 18:30 | 5 weeks | £80


Other Information: 

  • We suggest to wear leggings that cover the backs of your knees as the bars can be tough on the skin.

  • On entry to the studio please immediately remove footwear in order to keep the studio clean.

  • Please note we do not offer refunds once a course or taster session is booked. For the course you are signing up to 6 consecutive weeks, If you miss a class you can not change this to another date. 

  • Facilities: Parking, Toilets 

  • In order to partake in our classes there is a standard PARQ form, if any boxes are answered yes then you will be required to seek medical advise from your doctor first. Click here to read 

  • In classes equipment is shared / 2 per apparatus

  • We do not offer refunds or 'reschedule' on our Intro courses and taster sessions. 



I cant recomend Studio Cloud Nine enough. The classes so fun, varied and inclusive to suit *all* abilities. The incredibly supportive environment Zoe and Dimitriy create means that you can develope new skills and confidence at your own pace. I know it can be very daunting going to a new fitness studio but you will feel included and supported from the first session and everyone cheers each other on. Book a taster session and you will be hooked!


Did an aerial taster session today, so patient and encouraging, I thought i wouldn't get on the trapeze but I did, just! Loved the silks, would recommend any  taster session as a great way to try something new with some fantastic teachers. Thank you 


A lovely place, with lovely people. Zoe and Dimitriy made me feel very welcome. They were both extremely  positive and supportive . I am really looking forward to my next Aerial class.