Join Our Aerial School! 

Discover the wonderful world of aerial with ex-professional performers Dimitriy & Zoe at Studio Cloud Nine.

Within these classes your children will be introduced to both Aerial Silk & Lyra. 

Classes are booked in 5 or 6 week blocks and each class has limited spaces available. 

Why us? 

We as a studio focus on strong technique and a solid foundation which is why we have created Levels for each apparatus unique to Studio Cloud Nine! Each level has a series of moves to be mastered and sequences to be learnt before moving up. Work booklets are available for purchase in order for your children to track their progress and motivate them to reach their goals.


 Classes for ages 7-11 / Fridays  

Mini Flyers are playful sessions to build confidence, strength and co-ordination. We do not work towards levels in these classes. Students will get the opportunity to learn skill sets on Trapeze, Lyra, Silks, Hammock and Bungee! Which is unique to Studio Cloud Nine.

Classes for ages 10 - 16 / Saturday's & Sunday's 

These classes are progression based working on Silks & Lyra, conditioning exercises are required to gain strength in the air. We ask that Girls & Boys be prepared to work hard in these sessions, if they love to see progress and learn new tricks then this class is for them! If your child prefers playful classses that arn't as diciplined then we would encourage them to join our mini flyer sessions instead. 

Classes have become exceedingly popular over the past year and are currently wait-list only.

To join our wait-list and be contacted for a place please email us the following:

Name, age & date of birth, Contact name & Email



Classses are £14 per session

Read our Child Protection Policy 
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We have a 4 day workshop open this summer for beginners ages 10-14 
Monday 16th August - Thursday 19th August 
Classes run same time ecah day 11am - 12pm




My daughter is 12, she's attended dozens of clubs  of the years yet this is the first review I've ever written. This in itself speaks volumes. They're brilliant. She's strong, shes inspired , shes challenged but most of all she feels Validated. Zoe & Dimitriy are both genuinely warm, sincere mentors. In  Edies own words "Can't wait for saturday mum, everyday  of the week is another day closer to Aerial@

Lynn Briggs

My 13 year old Evie absolutely loved the beginners course and is continuing with further courses. My daughter says that the teachers are friendly, patient and encouraging. She can't wait to continue at the end of February. 


An amazing experiance and really increases core strength which has helped in other areas of dance... Dimitriy and Zoe are welcoming friendly and nothing is too much trouble. Couldn't recommend Studio Cloud Nine enough.