Trapeze the most iconic apparatus when you think circus! A trapeze is constructed from 2 pieces of rope either side of a straight metal bar which are suspended from the ceiling. At our studio we use a  static trapezes meaning the rope and bar mainly stay in place. 

Trapeze is usually a great apparatus choice for beginners. The static trapeze provides a stable bar to build strength and confidence. This is not to say everything on trapeze is easy, there are also complex and intricate moves to learn just like all aerial art forms. When taking up aerial there is both strength and technique required but with our coaches and your determination a great deal can be achieved. 

Aerial proves to be an amazing and incredibly fun type of fitness like no other! The reward of achieving something you initially thought, you will never be able to do, is a superior feeling of pride and self worth.  

Interested in starting your new fitness journey with Trapeze?

Due to COVD-19 and limited equipment we are only taking privates of up to 2 or 4 if you are from the same household. (please email to book a private session today)



I cant recomend Studio Cloud Nine enough. The classes so fun, varied and inclusive to suit *all* abilities. The incredibly supportive environment Zoe and Dimitriy create means that you can develope new skills and confidence at your own pace. I know it can be very daunting going to a new fitness studio but you will feel included and supported from the first session and everyone cheers each other on. Book a taster session and you will be hooked!


Did an aerial taster session today, so patient and encouraging, I thought i wouldn't get on the trapeze but I did, just! Loved the silks, would recommend any  taster session as a great way to try something new with some fantastic teachers. Thank you 


A lovely place, with lovely people. Zoe and Dimitriy made me feel very welcome. They were both extremely  positive and supportive . I am really looking forward to my next Aerial class.