Strength Training 

Strength Training provides a calisthenic based workout, which has become popular with both men and women. The class incorporates gymnastic style exercises focusing on clean technique rather than a time base class. 

There are many benefits to performing an exercise with precision which often gets overlooked. The class isn't about hypertrophy but pure agility and strength. 


Within this class we focus on exercises for core & upper body. Not only are we working towards building muscular strength but also endurance & flexibility of joints. Using full range of motion and increasing your mobility promotes healthy joints and ligaments which decreases the risk of injury. 

Over the past few years calisthenics has become more and more popular, we now understand the importance of functional movement and the benefits you gain from these style of workouts. 

If its a clean pull up even muscle up you want to achieve, or simply to improve your functional movement to enhance your everyday quality of live then give strength training ago!

Not sure your ready? Try Strength Training Light first.

Feel motivated, be encouraged and get ready to hang, pull, twist and balance, keeping your brain so engaged you almost forget your working out! 

Other Information:

No shoe policy

  • No shoes allowed inside the studio please remove immediately, class is bare feet or socks.  

Booking Policies 

  • This class can be booked as a one-time workout or you can book multiple classes for a better discount. You must book before attending due to very limited places.

  • There is a strict cancellation policy, classes must be cancelled within a 12 hour window (before class starts) anything after this will be charged. 

  • All class passes are valid for 3 months.

New COVID-19 Protocol

  • Please CLICK HERE to read all studio policies. 

Am I strong enough to attend? 

  • We often get asked this question, the answer is yes! No one is strong until you start working on your strength, if this is the first time you've thought about this style of workout then give a single class a try. Working with your own body weight has many benefits, if your worried about the class being to hard try strength training light first.