Strength Training provides a calisthenics based workout, which has become popular with both men and women. The class incorporates gymnastic style exercises focusing on clean technique rather than a time base class. There are many benefits to performing an exercise with precision which often gets overlooked. 


Within this class we focus on fundamental exercises for core & upper body. Not only are we working towards building strength but improving our muscular endurance too. Over the past few years calisthenics has become more and more popular, we now understand the importance of functional movement and the benefits you gain from these style of workouts.  


What are the benefits? 

Increased Mobility: The exercises challenge your ability to maintain control while under tension and move 'through your full range motion' this promotes healthy joints and ligaments which decreases the risk of injury. 

Improves psychomotor skills: Due to the nature of calisthenics in using your own body weight to work out naturally this type of exercise engages your brain and enhances its function. There are many complex exercises that require you to be upside down whilst learning to control your body movement, this trains better balance, agility & coordination skills. 

Training Transfer: Gymnastic ring training yields great performance transference, improving performance in many sports, aerial classes and regular resistance training.

Creativity & fun: Most people have a child like curiosity towards our strength training classes and often enjoy exploring the various ways the gymnastic rings & other apparatus can be used. This appeal and form of play shifts the 'chore-like' nature of exercises (for some) and keeps us striving for progression long-term. 

Are you ready to join us? If its a clean muscle up you want to achieve, or simply to improve your everyday quality of life through functional movement, then give it a go! Feel motivated & encouraged, keeping your brain so engaged you almost forget your working out! 


Tuesday / 19:35 - 20:50

Thursday / 19:15 - 20:30


Single Class £13.50

4 Classes £48 (flexible booking)

8 Classes £88 (flexible booking)