Aerial Yoga 

Classes will resume in the Summer months for Aerial Yoga Please see our timetable for classes open to you from January 2021.


Aerial Yoga combines classical yoga elements with aerial and gymnastics. This results in a full body workout with guaranteed play and fun. 


Within the class the use of the hammock acts as a support to get into poses that we would usually find difficult, it helps us to balance, deepen our stretches and allows you to achieve amazing postures. 

One of the main benefits of the hammock is it allows us to hang upside down enabling muscles & tissues to be relaxed from their usual position. As a result, tension is dissolved leaving you feeling utterly refreshed!

Not only is the Hammock great for releasing that every day stress but enables you to discover more intense balances and strength poses. You can really achieve a full body workout, in class we will often focus on some great exercises for toning core muscles and balances to strengthen those very important stabilizing muscles. 

A fitness class that will stretch you from head to toe, elongating every muscle, leaving you feeling 2 inches taller!

Other Information:

What to wear

  • Gym or sport clothing. Please wear a T-shirt that covers your arm pits for hygiene reasons. You will be asked to remove all jewelry and your shoes before the class starts, clean socks with grips are also appropriate. 

Booking Policies 

  • This class can be booked as a one-time workout or you can book multiple classes for a better discount. You must book before attending due to very limited places.

  • There is a strict cancellation policy, classes must be cancelled within a 12 hour window (before class starts) anything after this will be charged. 

  • All class passes are valid for 3 months.

New COVID-19 Protocol

  • Please CLICK HERE to read all studio policies. 

Will I get Dizzy?

  • Due to one of the main parts of aerial yoga being the inversions be prepared to go upside down, be patient with yourself as you will get more resilient with this over time. If you suffer from Vertigo this class may not be for you.