Dress Code Rules 

  •  No zipps to be worn on any leggings when on the aerial eqipment. Please insure this before coming to class. 

  • Please make sure you have clean socks on for inside the studio. 

  • If you are taking silks classes you are required to have grippy socks these can be bought from Amazon. 


From April 12th 

  •  Wash your hands with warm water & soap before leaving the house.

  • On entry please use the sanitizer provided & immediately remove shoes.

  • Please come to the studio already changed & ready for class.

  •  All classes will be capped at 5 people to enable no sharing of equipment, please stick to your stations given upon entry which have been measured out at 100sqf per person.

  • Please remain 1 + meters apart from others throughout the class.

  • Please don't move or touch anything you don't need to. 

  • If you require rosin or chalk please bring your own in a suitable container.

  • Resistance bands & Yoga matt's will still be provided but you absolutely may bring your own. (13mm resistance band) 

  • Kitchen is out of use, please bring a water bottle pre-filled with water. 

  • Please leave all other personal belongings in the cubby holes.

  • Spotting - Classes will be aimed at the ability of class, learning things at lower level and training specific moves for longer. This is to reduce the use of spotting. If you are touched by an instructor this will only be if its absolutely necessary for your personal safety. 

  • At the end of class please wipe down Yoga Mats & bands with the wipes provided. 

  • All equipment touched will be sanitized (including silks) after every use. 

  • Face coverings are optional and are not required by law.  

  • When using the toilet please follow the rules posted on the door. 

  • Classes will have 30 minutes between to allow people to leave before the next class arrives. 

  • No spectators are allowed inside the building to drop off or watch, please remain outside.

  • Information provided by yourself through our booking system may be used if needed for track & trace

  • Do not come to the studio if you feel unwell, have a high temperature, a cough or cold.

We thank you for your co-operation and look forward to seeing some of you very soon!