Aerial Sling also know as soft Trapeze is a folded over silk which creates a long loop of fabric. Aerial Sling combines elements of Silks & Trapeze together making it a fun and diverse piece of apparatus. The sling is attached to a swivel which enables it to spin around, this gives you the ability to create elegant flows and combinations. 

This class has been introduced to the schedule recently on a Thursday morning at 11am. The class is mixed ability open to both beginners and those with experience. As its mixed ability the instructor will come round and teach everyone something suitable for their level. Its a playful class that gives you freedom to work on what you desire so get ready to explore and have fun!  


Interested in starting your new fitness journey with aerial sling?

Book onto class today! 



Other Information:

What to wear

  • It's best to wear something tight fitting that covers backs of your knees, You will be going upside down so for ladies a sports bra and tight fitting top. Please avoid wearing leggings with zips in the back or sides.

  • Please remove all jewelry including watches. 

  • No shoes inside the aerial studio.

  • Due to the nature of Sling we ask that your feet be clean & if you have any you wear grippy socks.

Booking Policies ​

  • There is a strict cancellation policy, classes must be cancelled within a 12 hour window (before class starts) anything after this will be charged. 

  • All class passes are valid for 3 months.

New COVID-19 Protocol

  • Please CLICK HERE to read all studio policies. 

Will I be strong enough?

  • Aerial does require some strength which isn't to be expected on your first day, as long as you are prepared to work with your own body weight with plenty of determination and a great attitude then classes are suitable. 



I cant recomend Studio Cloud Nine enough. The classes so fun, varied and inclusive to suit *all* abilities. The incredibly supportive environment Zoe and Dimitriy create means that you can develope new skills and confidence at your own pace. I know it can be very daunting going to a new fitness studio but you will feel included and supported from the first session and everyone cheers each other on. Book a taster session and you will be hooked!


Did an aerial taster session today, so patient and encouraging, I thought i wouldn't get on the trapeze but I did, just! Loved the silks, would recommend any  taster session as a great way to try something new with some fantastic teachers. Thank you 


A lovely place, with lovely people. Zoe and Dimitriy made me feel very welcome. They were both extremely  positive and supportive . I am really looking forward to my next Aerial class.

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