Learn the basics on low level aerial apparatus.

This course introduces your children to Lyra, trapeze & silks. 


Gain confidence and learn a new skill! With professional and supportive instructors guiding your children along the way.

The course is 5 weeks in length.


ITS TRUE.... Aerial is the new fitness!

Learn the fundamentals on Lyra, trapeze and silks by joining one of our aerial courses today.

Aerial is a new exciting way to gain confidence, improve your fitness & strength whilst having fun and learning something new! 

Our aerial apparatus is at low level with professional and supportive instructors guiding you along the way.

How do you know if aerial is suitable for you?

You don't have to be at the peek of your fitness to attend this class but there is a certain level of fitness required. We wouldn't recommend aerial for someone that hasn't done any physical activity for a very long time. 

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